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Vertigo Series

I often have a hard time describing what vertigo looks and feels like.


“It’s kind of like the world is still and contained, yet its moving on into an infinite dimension. Lights are brighter, almost florescent. Scenery tends to be repeated, as if it’s a poorly done Photoshop of repetitive images. My fingers tingle, and closing my eyes just makes it worse. It’s like having the drunk spins and all you can do it wait for it to end.”


“I wish I could just take a photo of it to show you, but they have yet to install cameras behind our eyes”


But what if I could recreate this sensation, this visual that plagues me from time to time?


Creating an installation to demonstrate vertigo was not something I was interested in doing, because the experience is not one I wish upon anyone. However, I still wanted to create some visual to better explain to others what I was going through. My best bet was a snapshot-like representation.


By taking mirrors, LED’s, and silk flowers installed within the shadow box, I was able to create a “painting” of what vertigo looks like through my eyes.


Vertigo (I) is the first of the Vertigo Series that I am creating to give the viewer a small glimpse into what the sense of rotational dizziness may look like.

Vertigo I.jpg
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