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Do you ship internationally?

Yes, I am based in the UK and ship internationally!

If you do not see your country as an option, please get in touch by email or contact form and I will calculate costs, as this list only includes countries I have already shipped to.


Shipping times and rates:

Unless stated as a pre-order, items will be shipped within 2-5 business days (not including weekends or holidays) from time of order.

If you need your item sooner or want expedited shipping, please email and I can do my best to accommodate.

Standard Tracked Shipping Cost:

Australia: £26

Brazil: £30

Canada: £25

China: £25

EU: £13

Japan: £25

Mexico: £25

New Zealand: £26

Saudi Arabia: £25

Singapore: £30

South Korea: £25

South Africa: £30

Taiwan: £25 

Thailand: £25

United Kingdom: £5

USA: £25

*International shipping includes door-to-door tracking*

The estimate shipping time-frame will be listed at check-out. Please be aware that delays can sometimes occur and are out of my control. 

These are the shipping prices. You are responsible for any duties and taxes incurred when the parcel crosses international borders. You can check your government website to see if you are responsible for any duties and taxes.

When will I receive my order?

I try to package and post out orders as soon as I can. Unless stated as a pre-order, items will be shipped within 2-5 business days (not including weekends or holidays) from time of order. If there are going to be any delays in posting I will contact the customer directly.


Some countries may take longer to process the package through customs, especially for other European countries since (unfortunately) Brexit. I have had a couple packages take up to a month to process at USA customs. While rare, it can happen for a package to be stopped for this period of time. I cannot do anything to speed this up (Trust me, I have tried!), however every package has eventually arrived.


How often do you update the web shop/do drops?

It all depends on how much work I have on regarding pre-orders and other projects. Sometimes its once or twice a month and other times it can be every other month.


Do you take commissions or customs?

When I'm ready to take on commissions, I will either open a waiting list or make 'commission slots' available in my shop. These listings are free to purchase and once you've got a slot I will email you with more details about commissioning, what you'd like to order, and details regarding payment (which is done usually through bank transfer, website listing, or PayPal). 


How can we keep up to date with drops, restocks, pre-orders & commissions slots?

My Instagram is usually the most up-to-date with drop info. You can also subscribe to my newsletter where I send out details about shop drops a few days before. Don’t worry, I hate receiving spammy newsletters, so mine will be far and few between!


What are the care instructions for the tufted rugs?

Do not machine wash or iron. If cleaning is needed, clean by dabbing with a soft, damp cloth. 

Do not use industrial or heavy-duty vacuums on the tufted pieces, but rather use a lint roller or handheld vacuum.

It is recommended not to have your rug in high traffic foot areas. While the rug is glued and backed to keep up with normal wear and tear, please keep in mind the nature of a handmade piece. I tediously tidy-up and trim every rug prior to packaging and shipping, so there should not be any significant shedding when you receive your rug. If a tuft (one of the small loops) comes out, do not pull on the yarn. Simply cut the loose piece off and the rest of the rug will be fine! This is completely normal for a rug to occasionally shed, especially the first couple days when any extra yarn comes loose.

Due to careful packaging some tufted areas may have flattened slightly. Don’t be afraid to fluff it back up, this won’t damage the tuft :)

Is your packaging recyclable?

I use recyclable cardboard boxes & recyclable tissue paper, and brown paper tape where possible. Some of the tape I use is still plastic but I'm working on it! 


How do the pre-orders work?

When pre-orders are available, they will be open for a short specific length of time. You will be able to buy the items made available and once I receive the orders I will begin making them from scratch. It may take a few months before you receive your order - the wait time will depend on how many orders and other pieces I will be making at the same time, so please take into consideration the waiting time before you pre-order.

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