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This Sunday, 30th June from 5pm-5:30pm GMT (UK time) preorders for orchids will open for the first time. The pre-order window will only be open for 30 minutes, so you will only be able to order within this timeframe.


Limiting the pre-order window allows me to control how many I can take on so that don't get too overwhelmed or take too long making your orders! I do not want to get my designs mass-produced and/or unethically made, so they still will be 100% handmade by only me start to finish.


Every piece is both designed and made by me in my London studio. I sketch each flower onto my tufting frame and then "paint" with the yarn using my tufting guns. I use my tufting gun like how one would use a paint brush (only it's significantly heavier and bulkier) and "blend" the yarn colours. Similar to viewing a painting and the 'uneven' brush strokes, there may be an occasional imperfection, or unevenness in the tufting.  Because each and every piece is handmade by myself, I put a lot of love and care into every single one. 


Each piece is hand-tufted with a loop-pile tufting gun and a vintage speed tufting tool, using acrylic yarn and then finished with an acrylic felt backing.


Size: 64x47cm (slight variations of +2/-2 cm may occur, as each flower is hand drawn onto the frame)


When will I receive my order?

Because this is my first time opening pre-orders, this is a little bit of a trial for me.


Please keep in mind it can take a minimum of 4 weeks to receive your order as each piece has to be drawn onto the tufting frame (which is only big enough to hold a handful at a time), tufted, glued and then backed with felt before they are ready to be posted.


If I end up receiving a lot of orders, it may take a few months to complete and for you to receive it, especially international orders. Once the pre-order window closes I will have a much better idea of the timeframe and will send a follow-up email to everyone who put in an order! I will also send update emails throughout making all the preorders.


You have the option to have wall attachments (d-rings) added to the back, so the rug can also be hung on a wall if desired. The d-rings lay flat on the felt which will allow the rug to remain versatile and lay flush on all floors and surfaces.

Mint & Lime Moth Orchid (PREORDER)

Out of Stock
  • Do not machine wash or iron. If cleaning is needed, clean by dabbing with a soft, damp cloth. Do not use industrial or heavy-duty vacuums on the tufted pieces, but rather use a lint roller or handheld vacuum.

    Due to careful packaging some areas may have flattened slightly. Don’t be afraid to fluff it back up, this won’t damage the tuft :)

    If a tuft (one of the small loops) comes out, do not pull on the yarn. Simply cut the loose piece off and the rest of the rug will be fine! This is completely normal for a tufted rug to occasionally shed.

  • Please see FAQ

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