current practice: 


Hail Pharma!


200 x 160 cm

Oil on linen

(in progress)

What we keep on our nightstands typically consists of our prized possessions, more than not, our daily medications. The bouquet of “flowers” and the clutter amongst the nightstand is made up of life-saving medications, but also those medications we abuse and die from. Medications such as antidepressants, l-dopa, lanoxin, penicillin, insulin, Xanax, methadone, haldol, lithium, HIV drugs, IUD, oral chemo drugs, Orkambi (cystic fibrosis) are a few among those depicted. It’s about the relationship between humans and drugs, life and death, but also pharmaceutical company’s power over us. Many people are 6 figures  in medical debt to have life-saving treatments or can’t even afford to have the treatment in the first place, but you could get a bag of heroin laced with god knows what for under $100 on the street that could kill you instantly. It’s for my upcoming exhibition, “I Forgot To Take my Meds” that is more about my personal relationship and experience with drugs and mental health. The artwork it intended to create conversation about a topic that people are sometimes embarrassed/ashamed to speak openly about, but if more people did then there could be more change to the healthcare system and less stigma about medications and mental illness

I've done research on medications and pharmaceutical companies and health coverage for this project and created a digital composition for the painting


This Nice Weather Is Making Me Sad


160 x 120 cm

Oil and glitter on MDF

An autobiographical piece embodying current life with manic depression, while also embodying the playfulness and optimism of a once-child. 

I wanted a frame with the perspective of a window, and a monochrome self-portrait within a "squigly smear" from a finger running against a window filled with condensation from the humid heat outside. The confusing nature of the flowers and rainbow not being anatomically correct illustrates and ups and downs of living with bipolar, but also the imagination of a once-child where the world appears as a magical fantasy. 

A Wise Man Once Said, "It Does Not Matter" 


200 x 160 cm

Oil and pressed flowers on linen

This painting was about the process of mirroring a recent event that occurred in the US. (Dr. Christine Blasey Ford vs. Judge Brett Kavanaugh)

I have my subject matter. I researched, analyzed, grid, and broke down section by section every part of my subject. I needed to get what I think is an accurate representation in a short amount of time. One morning I went out and bought fresh flowers, they had already been slowly dying over time, so it didn’t matter what I was about to do. By evening that same day their lifelines’ were detached and they were stripped of all moisture from their petals. They appeared alive yet were dead.

I covered up key components to the subject, because after all, the subject doesn’t matter, even if the portrayal was true to point. I even went as far to display the subject matter to anyone and everyone to see, so that they could come up with their own judgments and conclusions.


I Can Picture You Staring Out The Window


160 x 180 cm

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas


Poignant Work of Art Shows the Reality of Mental Illness!


120 x 120 cm

Glitter and oil on MDF Panel

While researching artists and artwork that depicts mental illness I realized that majority is dark and gloomy. As someone who suffers from both ADHD and bipolar, I found this offensive and one-sided. In particular, one article was titled, "Poignant Works of Art Show the Reality of Mental Illness". This article only included moody and dark artworks and left the impression that mental illness is only full of suffering. Mental illness is so complex and includes both highs and lows. We feel everything so deeply, including the highs, so I think it's important to also depict that.

6E2A5475 copy.jpg

So, I told you I have bipolar?


120 x 120 cm

Glitter and oil on MDF panel

Navigating the dating world with a mental illness is hard to say the least. At what time is the right time to tell your partner that they have more than they bargained for?